Tired of Meaningless Conversations

I am really not good at starting conversations, much less keeping a good one. I am not fond of the how-are-yous, weather talks and all the other simple conversations you usually can have with strangers. Sometimes I feel like I am too old and tired of all the getting-to-know-you meet ups. More often than not, I enjoy being just by myself. Be it strolling around malls, reading a book at my favorite cafe, or just staying at home thinking about life. Good thing is, the old people in my life know and understand this. I don’t feel the need to explain myself to them every time I decline their invites for parties. I don’t have to feel sorry for choosing to spend my afternoons alone than hang out with them. I suck at meeting new people for these reasons. And I don’t have a problem with that. I’d rather be alone or go out with the old people in my life from time to time than try to explain to other people why I am like this only for them to mock me for not being good at socializing with others.

But I am good at having deep conversations about love, and life in general… I can also do good if you just need someone to be quiet with. That I can proudly say about myself.

Am I the only one who has this personality? Because I once tried to explain it to a friend of a friend and she just told me I was being crazy. I stopped talking to her after that. 😪

8 thoughts on “Tired of Meaningless Conversations

  1. No, you’re not odd… My husband and I are both the same way.

    Keep hanging out with the “old people”, it’s one of the smartest things you can do… And don’t let anyone make you believe you’re wrong or bad, because that’s simply how God created you…tell ’em to take it up with your Maker!😁

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  2. We have some problems. It’s hard for me to being first person who say ‘hi’. Every result of personalities tests, they said I’m an introvert person. So, ya. I’m trying the best to change it. Not to introvert as possible as I can

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