The Longest And The Loneliest Ride

I saw you today. 

I stand there with a trembling feeling as I look at you from a distance. It’s been weeks since the last time I saw you. Though you were always in my dreams, it still felt different when I saw you, the real you. 

I rode the same elevator with you. 

The space seemed a little smaller than the usual. You stood beside me. And I felt the electricity, that tingling feeling, when your arm accidentally brushed against my skin. Why did it feel so alien when we used to be more than that before?

We waited in silence. It was deafening but inside my head I was screaming for your name. I wanted to hold your hand like we used to. Did you remember everything too? The way you used to cling to me like you couldn’t imagine a life without me? The way you used to kiss me like you never wanted to stop? The way you used to wrap me in your arms like you never wanted to let me go? Because I did. I remembered everything. And maybe I still do. That maybe I have never forgotton a single thing about you, about us. But that man I knew has been long gone. The man who was standing there beside me was someone I didn’t know. 

I tried so hard to stop myself from begging for answers. 

I put my earphones on and just stood there. I didn’t even dare to look at you again the entire ride. It was the longest and loneliest elevator ride I have ever had. But it was the best elevator ride I could have had with you. 


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