You Are Bigger Than Your Problems

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Life can sometimes be cruel to us. And I can testify to that. 

I grew up with my mom. My father wasn’t always around doing God-knows-what. But I was fine with it. I went to school everyday. I had my allowance. I slept beside my mom. My cousins stayed over at our place during vacations. 

When I looked at my childhood, they were all happy memories. My childhood moments now turned into memories. 

I am from a large family. Surprisingly, we all know everyone and we really are close to each other. Not our age gaps couldn’t stop us from hanging out whenever we have time. We never had to wait for the holidays to meet up. Coming from a large family means always having someone to run to whenever we have problems. Be it our Aunts, Uncles, cousins, or our immediate family. But it also means having witnessed death and attended funerals a lot of times. You would say we all get used to it at some point we just have to become numb to the pain of losing the people we care about. But no. Every funeral feels like the first time. 

One that I hated the most was my mom’s. I was only 18 when she died. And until now I still think about her. I still miss her everyday. So I know that time cannot heal all wounds. Because I can’t imagine a day that I won’t feel the pain of losing my mom. But I learned to live with it, to live through it. And that’s it. I lived. And I still am. 

Years of love and heartache. Laughter and pain. We all go through these emotions. But a friend of mine keeps on telling me lately, ‘Cheer up. It’s not yet the end of the world‘.

Because yeah, we don’t sit around waiting for time to heal all our wounds. All these mistakes, problems, or whatever we are going through, these will all help us grow. If only we let them. Make it an opportunity to grow and learn. So you, we, can be someone’s light like the way that friend of mine has been my light ever since I started living in the dark pit again. 

Life goes on. It doesn’t stop and wait for you to pick yourself up from the mess you are in. 

So why stop living? 


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