Beauty In An Ending

Isn’t it a special kind of privilege to be able to witness this scene? To see the beauty there is in an ending? To look at it and smile, knowing you fought up until the end. Knowing it was a good fight even though you had to fight it alone. To finally have the strength to move on and accept that it was meant to come to an end. To be able to look back without regrets. 
I know this is cliche, but an ending is not just an ending, but also a beginning. It may have left you with scars but don’t let them stop you from appreciating the beauty of what’s around you, and even yourself, most specially yourself. Some of these scars may completely heal, but some will remain to remind you of how strong you have been and how stronger you can be tomorrow. 

You may be lost in the dark now, but remember that it’s just temporary. And sometimes it’s necessary to be lost in order to be found again. That it’s okay to dive into the darkness to find the light at the end of it. Because there is for sure. 

Cry if you must. But don’t let the tears cloud your vision to appreciate what’s coming next. This ending opens doors for endless possibilities. You can choose which door to open. Or you can stay in the dark. Cling to the past. It’s all up to you. The choice is yours, only yours to make. So choose wisely. 

Someone once told me, ‘Stop ruining your life because of the bad choices people make.‘ It’s your life to live. Don’t depend it on someone else. 

Keep reaching for that goals you wrote on your planner when the year started. Work on getting the things, be it material or not, you pinned on your corkboard wall. 

After this darkness, you’ll have tomorrow to pick yourself up again. Because tomorrow is another day. Because for every sunset, there is a sunrise. 

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