Cheers to a Better Me

I have recently read an article where the author discussed how we should focus on the process, instead of the goal. Like instead of saying ‘my goal is to lose five pounds’, we should instead say ‘I will workout twice a week’ 

It makes sense actually. It’s not really just about the destination, it’s on how to get there. 

Before this year started, I had a lot on my mind. There were so many things that I wanted to do. I thought of printing everything and posting them on a wall, or just a dream board so I could have a visual representation of my ‘goals’. And then from there I would come up of a plan on how to achieve those goals. My goals then were specific and very limited. So when I read the article, I changed my approach. 

Well, definitely I would still print images of some of them such as planes(for traveling), books, etc. 

But these are the changes on my lifestyle that I would try my very best to do this year(and maybe for the rest of my life?), all for a better me. 

  • Do a bedtime workout every night
  • Jog on Sundays
  • Boxing session on Thursdays
  • Yoga on Saturdays
  • Eat healthy – try to avoid junk foods, oily foods
  • Cook more often instead of eating at fast food chains 
  • Read more books 
  • Write. Write. Write. 
  • Watch more TV series and movies
  • Save. Save. Save. 
  • Do the 52-week money challenge(and actually finish it until the end of the year) 
  • Open separate accounts for traveling, emergency funds, and preparation for when buying my own house or condominium unit
  • Buy a life insurance
  • Starting investing 
  • Eat. Pray. Love. ❤

This isn’t ‘New Year. New Me’. This is just my now self crossing to a better me, still bringing with me pieces of what I have and what I am right now. Because how can I ever learn and grow if I will totally forget and leave behind my old self? ❤

Sounds a lot eh? I can do this. Aja! 💪🏼🙏🏼

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