100 Days of Happiness – Day 99

It’s almost end of the year. 

I arrived home at past 8 in the morning. I slept for almost four hours. When I woke up, I wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t figure out what was hurting. All I knew was I wasn’t okay. 

My sister decided to pay a visit to Zhia, my brother’s daughter who always cried whenever she saw me. 

Good thing when she saw me today, she didn’t cry. She even wanted me to carry her. Wooooo. ❤

We stayed at their place for almost three hours. By the time we got to my Aunt’s place, it was already past 5 in the afternoon. And I was really feeling exhausted I wasn’t able to go to my massage appointment. 

I tried eating dinner but just minutes after I ate, I vomited. So I went to bed early. 

Hope I feel better soon. 



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