100 Days of Happiness – Days 94, 95 & 96

I was excited for Christmas. Always been. But this year, something’s different. It didn’t feel like Christmas. I don’t know if it’s just me, if there was something wrong with me. Or we were just really too busy preparing for my cousin’s wedding. Or. I don’t know. Is the world changing? 

So yeah. We didn’t have much activity for Christmas. We didn’t even have our tradition of opening of gifts(so yeah until now the gifts are still under the Christmas tree, unopened). We had party at the bride’s place. I think it was a tradition in provinces where there would be dances and interviews for the couple. So we were there from like 5 in the afternoon until around 10 in the evening. 

Day after, wedding day. We woke up at 7 in the morning. Took a bath and grabbed a quick meal then went to the hotel where we were supposed to meet the makeup artists. But they weren’t there yet when we arrived so we still had time to go to the dress shop to have Anne’s(my niece) dress adjusted. 

By the time we came back to the hotel, they were just starting to do the makeup of the other bridesmaids. In short, we were behind schedule. There were other activities that were skipped due to lack of time. 

The actually ceremony was supposed to start at 2PM, but we were fifteen minutes late. There were other issues and problems during the wedding day itself but at least we all got through it. My cousin is now a married man❤

After the reception, there was still an after-party at my cousin’s place. There was this guy… And the rest was history. Lol we went to bed at past 1 in the morning. 

I woke up at 7 in the morning the following day(which was today) because we were headed to Manila. We were just on a trip the whole day. 

I came home at around 9 in the evening. And I still have to report to work tomorrow. 

Exhausted. But it was fuuuun. Mini vacay at the province❤


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