100 Days of Happiness – Day 93

I slept the whole trip. When I woke up, I was almost home. It was past 8 in the morning when I arrived home. They were all surprised because they thought I didn’t get a ticket and they already accepted the fact that I won’t be celebrating this year’s Christmas with them. 

I ate breakfast, which was the burger I bought last night at the terminal because I was too afraid to get stuck in traffic. Good thing I didn’t. After eating, I played with my nieces for a few minutes then showed my sister the gifts that I still had to wrap. But I was too tired and sleepy(I didn’t know why since I was asleep my whole trip) so I said I would just take a nap. When I woke up, I thought it was already 2020. Lol. My supposed to be nap turned into a five-hour sleep. My sister wrapped all the gifts, my cute baby niece was sleeping beside me, they already had their lunch and I got texts from my cousin looking for me because we were supposed to have our rehearsal for her brother’s wedding on Monday. 

I got immediately, ate my lunch and took a bath. In less than an hour, I was already on my way to my cousin’s place. I went straight to the dress shop to fit our gowns. 

Adter fitting the gowns, I went to my high school friend’s house to give my gifts for her and her children. I love how this season is a season of giving❤

Christmas Eve❤ I sang for almost five hours. What’s new? 

Happy Videoke Awareness Day❤

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎉 


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