Wish You Were Here, Mom

Dear Mom,

I miss you. Every single day. I still haven’t forgotten the sound of your voice. But it breaks my heart that I don’t remember your scent anymore. I don’t want to ever forget you. I want your memories to remain forever on my mind and in my heart. 

Sometimes I wonder what or who or where I would be if you were still here. 

What would you tell me now if I lay in bed with you, relaying to you all the things that happened to me today? 

Would I be experiencing this heartbreak, this sadness, that I am feeling now if you were still alive? 

What would you have done to spare me from all the heartaches I’ve had? Or even to just help me mend my broken heart? 

Would you have known from the start if the guy I was dating had good intentions? 

All these questions… With no way of knowing the answers to them. 

It’s been eight years yet feels just like yesterday. 

My longing for you… The pain of missing you… Emotions that even time can’t heal. 

I wish I can have just one more day with you again, Mom. 

To reminisce all the memories we had. To laugh at my stupidity. To cry on your shoulder when everything feels heavy. 

I wish you were with me tonight, Mom. To listen to all my rants. Then hug me and tell me to sit back and relax, everything will be alright. Because it will be, right? I will be okay. 

Just one more day, that’s all I’m asking☹️😭


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