100 Days of Happiness – Day 89

I’ve got too many issues on my plate right now. And I don’t know what to do with each of them. So instead I started focusing on what I can control. Which is my diet plan. 

I’ve set up my weight goal on my Fitbit account. I really couldn’t understand how FitBit determines if I am over my calorie intake goal for the day. So I did some research on calorie deficit. 

Calorie deficit is the difference between the calories I take and the calories I burn. I found out it varies on my goal. If I want to maintain my weight I should eat what I burn. Like if I burn 1,200 calorie/day, my total number of calorie intake should also equal to 1,200. In my case, since I want to lose weight, I set it up to 1,000. 

So that means if I want to eat more, I should add workout on my daily routine. 

Wish me luck on my #roadtofitness!! 🙂



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