100 Days of Happiness – Day 86

Last weekend before Christmas. Malls will be full of people today on a rush to buy Christmas gifts. (Well I was kinda one of them. So if you were one of them too, maybe we have bumped into each other earlier today. Hello to you! )

I went out at around 11 in the morning to meet up with a friend. We were supposed to have lunch at Sambokojin(his treat). But there was a long queue of people waiting to be seated so we decided to just eat at Frankie’s(my favorite buffalo wings restaurant) then ordered salmon sashimi at sushi nori just beside Frankie’s. All my favorites!! ❤

We checked out the Converse sale at Megatrade Hall. I saw a bag that I liked and it was on 50% sale. I sent a picture to my brother asking for his opinion if the bag was okay, he asked me back if I needed it(try to guess what happened next). 

My friend and I then went to CBTL. Little did I know that he would get me a planner as his gift, very early Christmas present. 

At around 4 in the afternoon, I rode a bus going to Trinoma where I would meet my cousin. We then went around the mall to look for gifts. It took us almost five hours, and we only got like four or five gifts each. We were so tired and hungry we ordered ramen and dumplings. 

After dinner, we went straight to her place.

Aaah. What a productive day!! Happy holidays, everyone! 



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