100 Days of Happiness – Day 84

Thursday. Another busy day at the office. Despite the busy schedule, my teammates and I were able to squeeze in time to buy cake at the mall and go to Digital Walker. The cake was for JC’s birthday, which was yesterday. But we decided to celebrate it today since he was on leave yesterday. Then after buying the cake, we went to Digital Walker to look for prizes for our team’s party on the 22nd. I also checked the FitBit Blaze to see if it would look good on me. Unfortunately, my team’s opinions were split in half. Some said it was “okay”. While the others said it looked big on me. (Thinking of going back again tomorrow. I really want to buy it. I mean I think I need it for monitoring my heart rate.)

When I was about to leave the office, my teammate went out to attend the mass. Good thing she reminded me that today was the start of Misa de Gallo/Night Mass/Simbang Gabi. We went to the church. And I really liked the homily. I didn’t even notice the time during the mass.

Wish I can attend all the 9 night masses. 🙂

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