100 Days of Happiness – Day 81

Monday!! First day of the week. First day back to work after being out for two days. I wasn’t so productive since I still had to read e-mails, get updates from my other teammates regarding their tasks and other indirect tasks. And besides, I only had five hours to work since we had to go to our project’s Christmas Party venue to prepare the place. We did the design and everything. It was exhausting.

We got to the venue at around 4, which was two hours late from what we planned. We just started with the decor when we found out we left almost all the important materials at the office. There were other problems too. The sound system we rented was late because they just found out two hours before the event that the party was today. They thought it was on the 16th. Even the prizes were late. They had problems with the delivery truck.

The party started at 7, which was an hour late than what was planned. Despite all the problems, it was still fun. We were all tired but we even managed to stay and dance after the party. I didn’t win any raffle prize but it was still totally worth all the effort and sacrifices. It’s almost Christmas!! 🙂


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