100 Days of Happiness – 79 and 80

It’s the weekend. But it didn’t feel like it. Maybe because I was on ‘vacation’ for two weekdays. I slept almost the whole Saturday. Trying to recover the lost hours of sleep for the past few days. There was not much activity with the cousins. I guess we all really got tired and exhausted at our Aunt’s wake. 

I still couldn’t believe it, you know? Whenever I looked at her pictures, she still seemed alive. Like I would still see her during the holidays. 

I guess until now I’m still stuck at denial stage. I don’t know how long this will last though. 

Still praying for her. Hope you’re happy up there. 👆🏼 

We travelled back here in Manila Sunday morning. We were exhausted from the long drive. I slept the whole afternoon. Then woke up at 7 in the evening. I almost forgot about the party tomorrow. I went out last minute to buy accessories. Then I squeezed in time to meet my friend and catch up over coffee. 

Missing my family though. 


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