100 Days of Happiness – Day 45

45th day, basketball game UP vs UST. It was this game last year where it all started. It was the day when I chose you. And if I will be given the power to go back to that day last year, I’d still choose you. But if you’ll ask me if I think I can change what happened, or at least I will, I won’t and I don’t think I can. What you do and what you feel is out of my control. I’d still like to believe that this is all part of something big, something that only He knows and understands right now. But at the right time, I’ll know it too. 

Going back to the game, UP won. And we still have a chance on the fourth slot. We should win our last game, which is against UE. And NU should beat Adamson. Adamson should lose in all their remaining games. We’ll tie up on the fourth slot. And I have no idea how they’re gonna choose the winner by then. Right now, I’m still hoping and praying we’ll at least win the game against UE. Hope I’ll be able to watch it. 

Also, I was able to take pictures with my crush players. 👌🏼😀



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