Let Me Love You

Remember when we first went out on a ‘date’, just the two of us? We watched basketball live. After the game I told you it was my first time to try it because I was claustrophobic. 

Remember where we first had our ‘dinner date’ after the game? I was on sick leave but you said you wanted to see me. So after your shift you went to my place then we ate at Frankie’s Megamall. 

Remember when you waited for my flight to Singapore? It was around 6 in the morning. You were drinking with your high school friends. You even wanted to see me before my flight but I said I couldn’t because I was already inside the boarding area. 

Remember when you said you’d miss talking to me because you thought we wouldn’t have contact during my stay in SG, which was nine days?

Remember when you asked my brother ‘Pwede na ba ko kiligin?’ (Can I already feel thrilled?) when I bought you shirt from SG yet I didn’t even buy anything for my brother and other close friends?

Remember our late night trips and eating outs because it was the only time you were available?

Remember when I used to always wait for you, even until past one in the morning, because you really wanted to see me? 

Remember all the fights we had even when you were still courting me? We managed to get through all of it, right?

Remember how I wanted you to give up when we had our first fight, but you asked for a second chance and I gave it to you?

Remember how we still fought over it for the months following that incident? 

Remember when you first told me you loved me? We were on our way back to Manila. You said you loved how the sun’s light reflected on my face. 

There were so many times when I just wanted you to stop, when I wanted to just give up. Yet I stayed with you. Because you said you really wanted me. I fought those battles with you. 

As much as I’d like to understand what you’re going through right now, I can’t. Because I really don’t. But just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean I’m mad. I’ll hear you out even in your silence. What I want you to realize is that I am your girlfriend not just for the romantic and fun stuff. I am your friend too. I’m just here for you, always. Don’t shut me off. Please. Remember that, okay?

I love you even at times when you can’t seem to love yourself. 

I love you even at times when you don’t understand what’s happening around you. 

I love you even at times when you’re not sure what to do next. 

I’d love you even more during these times. 

Just let me do it. Let me love you. 


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