Stop Torturing Me

I know whatever I say to you, it won’t matter if you’ve already made up your mind. And to be honest, I’ve already started to prepare myself for the worst. That you may never come back. That I have to move on without you. That I have to learn to live my life on my own, again. 

But then last night happened. You initiated that kiss. You hugged me so tight when you thought I was already asleep. I felt your love. I felt it in your hugs and kisses. 

You know, I am in a position where I am so fragile. I get my hopes high easily. And I know it will hurt so much when it crushes back down to the ground.

So please, I am asking you, please, be careful with your actions. You know I love you so much and I’d welcome you back into my life with open arms. So please, don’t do anything that you know would only complicate things for me. Please. Stop torturing me. 


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