Need Help

How do I know when it’s time to give up? 

How much patience and understanding should I give for a partner who’s not sure what he wants? 

How long should I keep holding on?

Someone expert on love here?

I need help. 😭

2 thoughts on “Need Help

  1. I am not a love expert, but I don’t think putting a time limit on when you should give up is the solution Have you tried asking yourself what you would be missing if this partner was not in your life? Is it a feeling that, in time, might be gained from someone else? Is it money? Is it security? Is it the the thought of not having a “significant other” If you maybe make a list, look at each item and see if this person is the only one who can provide you with these things, or….if you would really miss them at all. Good luck!

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    • Thank you. But I’m not the problem here. He’s the one who’s not sure what he wants. He says maybe he’s just having a quarter life crisis. Maybe I just need to be strong for him. Maybe I need more patience and understanding. 😦


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