Love Is A Choice

You meet the person you think is the one. You feel that butterflies in your stomach. You feel nervous and excited with the idea of seeing that person. You feel like you’re a ray of sunshine walking even in the absence of day light. You feel all the positivity vibrating through your bones and nerves. 

Days, months and years go by… You notice how his/her laughter irritates you. His/her nonstop texting which used to give you excitement now just becomes an obligation. A burden. 

Because that feeling of being in love won’t always be there. It’s like all the butterflies in your stomach die suddenly. You notice all the problems, the small fights that often lead into something big. You don’t talk for days. 

But you can choose to face the problems instead of just walking away. Talk to your partner instead of looking for something new to give your attention to. 

Love will never be easy. There will be storms and hardships. Moments when you will question your love for the other person. And only those who weather these storms come out stronger. 

That’s when people realize love is a choice. A choice we have to make everyday until the feeling comes back again and sends butterflies in your stomach. 

Just like it is your choice to leave even when you’re still clearly in love with your partner, it is also your choice, always, to stay even when you’re unsure of your feelings. It is your choice to make a constant effort for your partner and the relationship. It is your choice to stay in love and be happy. 


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