There’s Still Hope

We always wonder what makes life complicated. But is it really life or love that’s complicated? Or just us, human beings, that complicate things? 

Why can’t everything be easy? If you don’t like doing something then don’t do it. If you don’t like someone why bother getting that someone’s attention? Why pretend to be someone you’re not? Why people, why? 

Why are there people who get satisfaction from seeing other people suffer? Why are there people hurting other people by acting like they really like them and then just leave them whenever they want to? 

Why do we live as if we’re gonna have an eternal life here on earth? Why can’t we just give love and make peace with everyone? 

You think, if all people stop neglecting the fact that we’re all gonna die some day, the world would still be full of chaos? You think everything would still be complicated as it is now? 

Stop. Feel. 

Hope for a better tomorrow. 



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