Learning the Fundamentals

Upon receiving the first task today, my first thought was that this is for new bloggers. But then I realized I’ve been writing for months already without actually telling anything about who I am. 

But technically I already did when I first signed up for this course. I’m just gonna do it again now for the sake of my new fellow bloggers. 

I’ve made this anonymous but maybe since I’ve already posted some of my personal travels and pictures I might just as well tell my name. 

I am Kristin Racoma, a Filipina, aspiring to be a writer and a photographer. I love reading books and I love stars(yeah. They’re totally related) 

I’ve been trying to maintain a blog since I was in college. I started with Blogger, then switched to WordPress, and then Blogger, and then after having tried and failed so many times, I just stopped writing. 

But then two years ago, I met a guy who inspired me to write again. Not that he’s some sort of a writer or anything. It’s just that the emotions I felt when I was with him were what pushed me to write again. They were so amazing that I thought I needed to write them down. And then months after, I ended up writing heartbreaking posts because of what happened between us. Then I sort of started a personal challenge where everyday I would try to appreciate and focus on the positive things instead of just wallowing in sadness. It helped me a lot in moving on. And I wrote about all of it. 

Then after I finished the challenge, I got lost again. I didn’t have any reason to write. Until lately I’ve been using the Daily Prompts to write. Well maybe after today, my inspirations to write will come back. Wish me luck! 


2 thoughts on “Learning the Fundamentals

  1. Welcome back! I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Starting out, I thought I’d hit a lack of inspiration as well so I decided to make my blog about literally anything so I’d never run out of things to say. Check out my blog if you like chaotic writing!

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