Great vs Greater

I thought that once you get the thing that you want, your ‘wanting’, your ‘craving’ will stop there. But the tendency is that, we humans, look for something else. Because we crave something else. Because what we once thought as the thing that could satisfy our wants and needs instantly turns into something that could be easily thrown away once we get it. 

Isn’t it like what happens in our relationships? You see someone. Then you feel you’re starting to like that someone. You crave his/her attention. And then you start talking to him/her. The talking becomes nonstop. Day and night. Night and day. And then at some point, the craving just stops. And that’s when you start looking for someone else. Craving someone else’s attention. 

We sometimes take our partners for granted thinking that they’ll just be there for us. And if they’ll leave, we can always find someone better, right?  That’s how most of us think. 

Oftentimes we are not satisfied with what we are offered because we always look for what is wrong instead of appreciating what’s given to us. And in turn this makes us look for something else, for someone else. 

Someone’s always prettier or more handsome than your partner. Someone’s always nicer. Someone’s always smarter. There is always someone better. It just all depends on how you view things and people. 

Sometimes the key is to just be contented. To stop looking. To start appreciating. 

When will we ever reach that point in our lives? When it’s too late? Will we wait until the person who loves us gives up on us already? Well I hope not.

I hope we don’t ever reach the point when we will lose the person who really matters while we’re busy looking for someone else whom we think is better. Because sometimes, we are not given second chances at something or someone. So don’t ever waste your one-time shot at something great with the false hopes of finding something greater, which might not even exist. 


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