You were just something borrowed

I met you. We had fun. We became close friends. Then it turned into something more. 

It was everything I ever wanted. You gave me happiness I never thought I would feel. You made me feel the kind of love every girl would be jealous of. You were my everything. 

Until that day you decided to give all that I had to someone else.

Until some girl took you away from me. 

At first I wanted to fight. I didn’t want to give you up just like that. You were mine. I was yours. We were happy together.

Then I realized everything was just borrowed. 

Borrowed time. 

Borrowed happiness. 

Borrowed love.

I never really had you. You were just something borrowed. 

You were just temporary. 

I realized I had nothing. I had to give you up. You weren’t really mine. ‘Cause if you were, it wouldn’t be that easy for some other girl to take you away from me. 

And I was left all alone. 

Tears rolled down my face as the realizations started to sink in. 

I lost the fight. 

But I could say, it was a good fight.

Even though I had to fight it alone. 

Daily Prompt – Something Borrowed


9 thoughts on “You were just something borrowed

  1. timelesswheel says:

    I read this and I was stunned. It’s as if you wrote down the words stuck inside of me. I have been through similar feelings and it’s lovely to see that you were able to write it down so beautifully 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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