3-Day Baguio Visit Days 2 and 3

Our plan was to start the day early, attend the 12noon mass at Baguio Cathedral, and stroll around the city. But we woke up past 11 already. And a friend of mine invited me to watch their basketball game which was scheduled at 2 in the afternoon.

We watched their game but only the first half of it because we were already starving and we would be late for the 5PM mass if we still watched it through the end. Before leaving the campus, I took pictures of it first.

 Our campus’ parking lot

 And of course the ever famous oble

We left the campus at around 3:30 to eat at my favorite pizza place, Amare. (Their pizza is soooo gooood.) It is located inside Albergo Hotel near Wright Park.

For the pizza, we ordered the usual. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s super yummyyy

For the pasta, I usually order pesto but this time we tried a different one.

 We finished eating at almost five already. So we decided to go back to the lodge and attend the 6-pm instead. But we lost track of time and we got out at 10 minutes before 8. We only had ten minutes left before the fireworks display. We went straight to our usual spot, which is at the parking lot of Porta Vaga mall. From there you could see the fireworks display from all over Baguio. But since we were late, it was already crowded by the time we got there. I was a little disappointed but anyway, I still got next year to go and see it again.

After the event, we went to Good Taste to have dinner with my friends. (Their food is good at a cheap price and is best for group meals. )We finished our dinner at around 11. We went to Kaffee Klatsch to relax and listen to acoustic(favorite spot after parties during my college days). Everytime I look for their menu, I couldn’t find one so I decided to take photos of it for future references.


We went home past 1AM already.

For our last day, we woke up an hour before our checkout time, which was 12noon. Our bus ticket going back to Manila was still 3:40 in the afternoon. Luckily, the staff at Oyana let us leave our bags at their office so we could still stroll around the city before our trip back to Manila.

We had our lunch at Ketchup Food Community. You could choose from the five different restaurants there. Once you’ve already chosen where to eat, you could cross-order from the other 4 as long as 60% of your bill is still from the one you’re seated in.

We were supposed to eat at Canto but there was still a long waiting line so we decided to try the garlic white squid at Happy Tummy instead. Then I cross-ordered iced tea from Rancho Norte. I didn’t quite like the white squid, I didn’t even know what it was so we ordered another dish, garlic chicken. Better than the squid one. Good thing I liked their rice or else my Happy Tummy experience wouldn’t be this worth sharing.

 I also took pictures of the menu of the other two restaurants, Canto and Rancho Norte.

We finished our brunch at around 2 in the afternoon. So we decided to go skating at Burnham Park.

Their rates are 50 Php/30 minutes for their roller blades, and the rate for the inline skates is more costly. But I forgot the price. Lol

We finished skating at 2:40, went back to Oyana Lodge to get our things and boom, back to Victory Liner terminal to wait for our 3:40 trip to Manila.

Just like that, our 3-day vacation is over.


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