3-Day Baguio Visit – Day 1

Since it’s a weekend and it’s almost summer, the number of tourists going to Baguio is on its peak again. Luckily, I was able to get a ticket a day before my planned trip. I got the 2-AM trip on a Saturday. Calculating the regular travel time, I’d be in Baguio 8 in the morning, just in time for the early check-in at Oyana Lodge, which by the way I contacted for reservation three days before (what they tell you at their site is what you’ll really get. Nice place to stay).

My friend and I arrived in Baguio early, and upon checking at Oyana Lodge, the room wasn’t available for early check-in so we decided to have our breakfast first at Pizza Volante. Though we could just opt to eat at their branch in Session which was nearer, we went for their branch in Camp John Hay instead since we still had four hours to spare while waiting for the availability of our room.

We were already at Pizza Volante at around 9 in the morning. I ordered the usual, their breakfast meal, for less than a hundred you already have a cup of rice, egg, hot choco and your choice of hotdog, corned beef or longganiza. My favorite dessert is the choco vanilla affair. It’s a must-try! You’ll love the combination of the vanilla ice cream on top of the moist chocolate cake. Mmmmmelts in your mouth!

We spent the rest of the morning watching Korean series, Pinnochio.

At 11:30, we decided to go back to Oyana Lodge to see if the room is already available. When we got there, the guests just checked-out and the staff were still cleaning the room. We waited another thirty minutes but it was fine, we were still ahead of the check-in schedule.

We slept for almost an hour, took a bath then by 2PM, we already went outside to take our lunch. But first I took my friend to Porta Vaga to eat my favorite takoyaki. Then we went straight to Alabanza’s stall in Session Road in Bloom. It’s my favorite longganiza and my friends and I would never miss it every Panagbenga.

By the way, Session Road in Bloom is a part of the Panagbenga festival wherein the roads are closed and there are stalls there from all over the Philippines. What they sell varies from whatever food or goods to home appliances.

After eating our lunch, we walked some more before going to Burnham Park. There we bought binatog. It’s a boiled white corn with shreddee coconut, sugar and milk. (I craved binatog as I write this). Since we were already at the park and had nothing else to do, we rented a bike. Their rate was 40/hour for the regular bikes and 50/hour for the ones with a sidecar. But during lean season, they would offer you 40 pesos for unlimited hours. We finished biking at around 5 in the evening. We just strolled around the park for like thirty minutes, took pictures then went home to rest, AGAIN.

 Burnham Lake, Burnham Park, Baguio City

I slept for almost two hours and when I woke up, I was already starving again. So my friend and I decided to go outside and eat our dinner at a Korean restaurant.

Baguio is also known for its many Korean restaurants since there is a large population of Koreans there. They enjoy the cold weather in Baguio.

We finished our dinner at almost 10 in the evening. We didn’t have so much time to stroll in Session Road. We decided to just stay at the lodge and play Monopoly Deal. We ended day 1 at past midnight already. 🙂

Gonna tell you about our Days 2 and 3 in a separate post. Also I’m gonna post indivually some of my shots of the flowers in Burnham Park. 🙂



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