Tell me

Tell me you don’t care anymore

Tell me you’re happy

Tell me you’re in a better place now

Tell me you don’t need me

Tell me you’re better off without me

Look me in the eye and tell me…

One last time, before I leave…

Tell me you don’t love me anymore.


3 thoughts on “Tell me

  1. Wanderlust Kira says:

    I begged my ex to do this for me. Even if it wasn’t true, I begged for this because the closure would have been easier. But no, he couldn’t even do that. Instead he declared his love for me even more. All while denying his 7 other girlfriends. The 7 he denied that same night.

    Why are people so mean? Why do people manipulate others? Why? Does it make them feel amazing years down the road? Knowing pain and hurt scarred in others carries their name? Personally, I’d want my name carried through love, not pain and hurt.


    • I did that, too. And until now he still hasn’t given me the closure that I need. The closure that I deserve. I guess I just have to learn to do that by myself. And for myself. I don’t know why there are people who are like that but may God bless them.

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