90 Days of Happiness Day 74 – Am I?

I started the day right. Even though I am sick. I prepared for my exam. Which was the only reason why I went to work today. 

And mid day, a few minutes before my exam, our manager called for an emergency meeting to tell us our most dreaded announcement… It was regarding the big change I’ve been talking about lately. Hearing it from him still doesn’t make it seem real. I still need more time to process this. 

Despite the big, sad news, my day at the office still ended right. We planned for our internal team’s Christmas Party. We laughed at our silly plans and emails. 

Yes there are little things such as planning a party that brings smile to my face. But at the end of the day, the question still remains, am I really happy? 

Looking back at this day last year and realizing how much things have changed brings me mixed emotions. But… Everything’s gonna be okay. Right? 


4 thoughts on “90 Days of Happiness Day 74 – Am I?

  1. What was the exam for? And what is the change taking place at the office, are people getting laid off?

    Hope you feel better soon. Happiness is not a static state. There will always be a flow of emotions. What is important is to be able to find a peaceful place within that can watch the emotions flow by without getting sucked down.

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    • It was a certification our project is requiring us to take. I wasn’t prepared for it!
      Kinda like that. One team was dissolved. They will be transferred to different projects. Including our project manager. Basically our tower is now dissolved. We will all be transferred under different managers. 😦

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      • That is hard to lose the working relationships that have been built. Bad for morale and productivity. Too bad they did thst. I once was at a company where I’d taught a workshop, a place that had trainers who traveled themselves. Management had a new rule thst you had to change desks every week. So not only were these people traveling away from home often but then they also now didn’t even have a steady “home” when they came back to their office.Stupid.

        Sorry you did poorly on the test. Hope you are at least feeling better.


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