When in Sagada…

Sagada is a municipality in Mountain Province, Philippines. The climate is similar to that in Baguio. So when planning to go there, be prepared to bring your jackets! 

So how to get there? 

  1. Trips that go straight to Sagada (Florida, etc)
  2. Take a bus going to Banawe, then from Banawe, ride a van that will take you to Sagada
  3. Bus going to Baguio. Then from Baguio, ride a bus that will take you straight to Sagada

Day 0.5

We took the Ohayami bus going to Banawe. Their terminal is at Sampaloc, Manila. The fare going to Banawe is Php 450. We left the terminal at 9:30 PM and arrived in Banawe at 8AM the following day. Banawe to Sagada is a 3-hour van trip which costs Php 300. 

Day 1

By noon time, we were already in Sagada. The first thing we did was register and paid 38 Php for the environmental fee. 

We checked-in at our inn. I forgot the name but it was nice and cozy, considering the cheap price. We got it at Php 3,000 per night. There were two bedrooms that could accommodate 6-8 persons. It was big enough for our group and conveniently located at the town proper. 

After our quick check-in, we had our lunch at Sagada Brew. The average cost of the meals is Php 200. They have my favorite dessert, lava cake, that costs Php 150. 

 After our lunch, our tour guide, Kuya Erid, met us at Sagada Brew then we went straight to Bomod-oc. The trip was an hour long. 

We started our trek to the falls at around 4 in the afternoon. There was a fee of Php 500 for the guide, and Php 10 per head for the entrance fee. The view going there was great. It was worth all the sweat and body ache(LOL)


The water in the falls was ice cold. I didn’t dare diving into it.  

 We stayed there for an hour. The trip going back was shorter. We were back at the town proper just in time for dinner. All restaurants were full of tourists and travellers, except for one where we tried the Pinikpikang Manok

After our quick dinner, we went back to our inn. But at around midnight, we tried looking for open stores or restaurants for the boys to buy beer, and for me to buy shake. Luckily, Salt and Pepper was still open. My craving for shake was satisfied for Php 190.  

  We ended the day at around 2 in the morning. 

Day 2

We had our breakfast at Gaia Cafe and Crafts. It was a 30-minute walk from our inn. They have the best blueberry muffin! I’m definitely going back there for it.  

 For my main meal, I ordered their Gaia sandwich. It was great too! Best match for their hot choco.   

  At around 12, we already started walking to the cave for our spelunking experience. It was just a short walk, 10-15 minutes with a very relaxing view of the mountains and fields on the right side, and trees on the left.  

We started our activity at around 12:20. The cave was full of tourists! At first I had second thoughts because I feared I wouldn’t be able to breathe inside. But it was a good experience! It was cold inside the cave. We even swum in the ice-cold water.    
I wasn’t able to take pictures of the formations inside the cave because… I feared for my phone’s life. Lol 
The entire spelunking trip was around 2 hours.  

 We walked going back to our inn. On our way home, we bought lemon pie at Sagada Lemon Pie House. 

We cleaned up and took a bath. By the time we finished, there wasn’t enough time for us to eat our lunch. Kuya Erid provided us with jeepney to take us somewhere we can watch the sunset.  

 When it got dark, we lit a bonfire and danced to the music one of our friends played.  

 Around 7 in the evening, we decided to go back to the town proper to look for restaurants where we can eat. But we still weren’t able to get a table in any of the restaurants in the area. Luckily, our tour guide invited us at his place to light bonfire and have barbecue. So we bought hotdogs and marshmallow and had our bonfire party part 2 at Treasure Rock Inn. 

After almost four hours of talking and partying, we went back to the town proper hoping there was still an open restaurant so we could have a decent meal. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. So we just bought tuna in can and eggs and cooked at our inn. 

We slept early hoping we could wake up early the following day to watch the sunrise at Kiltepan or Marlboro but we were all too tired from our spelunking activity when we woke up, the sun was already shining brightly upon us. Lol

Day 3

We woke up at 10 in the morning. We planned on having our quick breakfast at Yoghurt House hoping we would still have enough time for the Echo Valley tour.  

The food there was great and at reasonable price. We lost track of time talking and enjoying their food. We left the restaurant at 11 in the morning then went back straight to our inn. 

We started packing up to catch the 1PM bus going to Baguio. But when we got to the terminal, it was jam-packed with tourists leaving Sagada. We waited for almost two hours before the second bus arrived. 

After a 6-hour long drive, we arrived in Baguio then had our dinner at a korean restaursnt there. Our trip going back to Manila was midnight. And at 6 in the morning, we were already back in Manila. 


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