If we were having coffee…

Well first and foremost, I wouldn’t be having coffee with you if I didn’t know you. 

So if we were having coffee right now, I’d probably be telling you about how happy I am to be back. And you know I wouldn’t be talking about anything that’s related to my trips. Like how I enjoyed the view in Marina Bay Sands. Or how I hated the rides in Universal Studios.

If we were having coffee right now… I’d probably be asking you if you think five months is enough for me to say that I’ve finally gotten over him. I’d be asking for your advice on what should I do next. Or maybe ask you if you think it would be okay for me to try going out on dates again.

We’re gonna talk about our work, our love life. It would probably be more about our personal lives. And we’re gonna have to keep tissue paper(to wipe away our tears, both out of sadness and joy) in our bags for a good long talk… 


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