90 Days of Happiness Day 42 – Pray

It’s heart-warming to see everyone uniting in praying not just for Paris, but for everyone else. 

Let’s all be thankful that we’re still breathing and continue praying that this terrorism would stop. 

Who wants to live everyday fearing for his/her life anyway?


4 thoughts on “90 Days of Happiness Day 42 – Pray

  1. dreamingbw says:

    Thank you for your thoughts.
    However you might be interested in knowing that France is mostly an atheist country and it’s very weird for us to see all those “prayers” when it’s prayers of a different kind that caused these attacks.
    We are very thankful for your thoughts, love, comments, reflexions, articles, warmth, and in general, for you to enjoy your lives in open defiance of terrorism wherever it may lie.
    But prayers… it just sounds strange.


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