Letter from the past

Dear Future Self, 

Let me start by first telling you that you’re brave. And I want to let you know that this version of yourself once existed. 

There was this moment in your life when you very likely thought you were not gonna get through whatever you were experiencing. You’d been hurt so much that you sometimes just thought of giving up. But no. Giving up was, is and will never be an option for a brave girl like you. 
You had no idea how long it was gonna take, but you held on. Because you knew everyday you got closer to the day that you’d be okay. 

And that’s it. That’s you now. You’ve forgotten about the pain. That guy you loved, he’s now just a memory. But…

Sorry I was stubborn sometimes. Sorry I didn’t see he wasn’t the right guy for you. Sorry it took me that long to forget about him. 

But you knew. You’ve always known…

Someone’s gonna come along and make you feel loved again. And this time he’s never gonna leave you. 

It took you some time, but thank you for being patient. Thank you for waiting for the right time. 

For now, I will enjoy my time being alone. I will travel to places I’ve never been. I will dance to the beat of my favorite song. I will sing my lungs out even when I’m out of tune sometimes. I will do whatever makes me happy. 

And please don’t hate me for doing this. 

I know I’ll wake up one morning smiling again. A genuine one. I’ll open my heart again to love. I’ll open myself for even just a small possibility of a new love. And I’ll be happy. 

And that day is the day you’re gonna read this letter and laugh at me, at the person you once were. 

And hopefully when that day comes, you’re gonna thank me and you’ll be proud of me for living our lives in the way I did. 


Your Past Heartbroken Self


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