Be Kind. 

Whenever I start to get irritated at cab drivers, or the waiters while waiting for my order, or the saleslady for asking too many questions, or even to some of my officemates, friends and relatives, that is what I think about. And it suddenly puts a smile on my face. I don’t know why but that has great effect on me. Because really, no two persons are ever the same. That makes every person different from each other. We are unique. We react to things differently. We handle things differently. You can never tell someone, no matter how much you think you know that person, that you fully understand and know what that person is going through. You can’t know how that person feels. Because you are not that person. And you are not in whatever situation that person is in. 

So whenever you feel like you’re about to get mad or irritated at someone, try to be more patient. Try to be more understanding. 

There’s this one scene I remember, I forgot if I saw it from a movie or read it from a book. There was a student who got late at school one morning and the teacher got mad at her. The student walked out of the room. It made the teacher even madder. But the student never came back for days. The teacher then talked to the counselor(I guess, I can’t remember the story well) and she found out that the student had been living with only her siblings. And that particular morning, she had to take care of her younger sibling that was why she got to school late. So the teacher went and talked to the student to come back to school. 

See. If only the teacher had known what was happening back at the student’s home, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten mad at her. If she had been more patient and understanding, that wouldn’t have happened. 

Situations like that can be avoided if we keep that quote in mind. 🙂 


8 thoughts on “Be Kind. 

  1. So true. People really don’t know what other people are going through. They can act happy and be able to hand their homework in on time, but in reality their mum could be dying, or be on the skirts of losing their home. Kindness is the best option, everyone needs kindness in their life

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