Singapore Day 1

I said I’m not used to posting pictures of myself because of my braces but… This is my trip and I feel like I have to show you how happy I am with it!! πŸ˜€

First stop… Gardens by the bay. πŸ™‚  

 And of course I had to take a selfie with the towers as my background. 
But the people here are nice. Even the other tourists are. You can ask them politely to take a picture of you. And they do the same for them.   

From there, you can see the Marina Bay Sands.

The shoppes at marina bay sands is just a short walk away from the gardens. 

I had xiao long bao for dinner. I had to wait for thirty minutes because of the queue of people waiting. But it was worth the wait. πŸ™‚

Then here’s the view at night outside the mall..

The view of the bridge showing the flyer *which I didn’t ride by the way*  

This is what it looks like at the bridge itself 
And to cap off the night, they had lights show at 9:30. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the good parts because I was too focused on watching the show πŸ˜€ it was romantic. But I enjoyed watching it alone and I can’t imagine myself watching it with someone *romantically* guess I’m getting used to being just by myself πŸ˜€



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