Let me be alone 

I’ve been running…

Away from the city. 

Away from the noise.

Away from the crowd. 

Away from the memories we’ve built. 

Away from you. 

I got hit by the branches. 

I tripped over trees. 

I fell too many times. 

But I got up every time. 

And I continued to run. 

Until I found myself alone in the middle of a forest. 

Lost. I got confused. So I asked myself

“Isn’t this what you wanted? To run away from it all for a while? To be just by yourself?”

And little by little, I learned to appreciate its beauty. I found peace in everyday that I’m alone. 

Then I realized my purpose on this. So 

Dear Future Partner,

Wait for me. Be patient. Don’t rush me into falling into your arms. 

I can’t love you just yet. I can’t promise you forever when I’m still clearly not over my previous relationship. I can’t give you my whole self because a part of me still belongs to him. 

There are times when I really really wanna meet you already. I wanna know what it feels like to be with the right person for me. I always wonder how happy I will be when you finally wrap me in your arms. 

But please. Do ourselves a favor. Don’t let me meet you yet. Not until I’m ready for you. 

I know being with each other will be the most amazing thing we’ll ever have. But wouldn’t it be more wonderful if we find each other when we’re both ready? 

Let me find myself first. 

Let me heal my wounds on my own. I’ve been hurt too much that I’m not sure how much more pain I can take. And I don’t wanna hurt you too by giving you false hopes. I don’t wanna use your presence to forget about the past. I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that I love you when every time I look at you, it’s his face that I see. I’m not gonna pretend I’m happy when every time I walk down the streets with you, I imagine that it’s his hand that I’m holding. I don’t wanna give you false promises. I don’t wanna break your heart because I know how much it hurts. Believe me, I know. I don’t want you to hurt as much as I’m hurting now. 

So let me be alone on this journey and I’ll let you be alone on yours too. For now. 

When the right time finally comes, we’ll both be stronger. We’ll both be mature in dealing with our differences. We’ll be wiser to not give up on each other easily and just laugh at our own stupid little fights. We’ll know how to handle our relationship. 

And we’ll be perfect for each other. ❤


Your Other Half


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