The Lazy Wanderer

The Lazy Wanderer. 

Livin life. Enjoying the odd little things. 

When I started this blog, the title I used was The Odd Little Things. It was before I thought of sharing this to other people. I only focused on the little things in my relationship with my ex boyfriend. Anything and everything about us. More on it here

As my interest in writing grew, I changed it to The Lazy Wanderer and instead used the tag line Livin’ Life. Enjoying the odd little things

My focus now is on the living person itself. The Lazy Wanderer’s journey in life, spontaneous travels, endless stories, interests, and all the other things in her life. This is on a more personal level. But in trying to focus on the bigger things in her life, she never forgets to appreciate the little things that make up the even bigger ones. She wants to make herself and other people realize that even the smallest details in our daily lives need celebration. 

Basically this is my journey in life as a lazy wanderer trying to value it and living it to the fullest while still keeping my eyes on even the littlest things that we oftentimes neglect.

I think I’m okay with my title and tagline. Any thoughts? 


4 thoughts on “The Lazy Wanderer

    • It’s actually more on describing my conflicting interests. Having too many outdoor activities and sports, and my love for traveling, but there are also days when I don’t like doing any of those and just lay in bed, read books, write and other stuff 🙂
      The little things is given more emphasis on the tagline.
      But thank you for not thinking of me as a lazy person! 😀

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