90 Days of Happiness Day 19 – Rollercoaster of emotions

I started this day feeling happy and excited. Even motivated to go to the office. Second day of decorating our cube. It promotes team work. And I think it’s healthy to be away from the keyboard and monitor of the PCs from time to time.

But there was a bad news. One of the seniors in our team died in a motorcycle accident. We were not close but I still felt sad. It was sudden and unexpected. I know I recently posted something related to this when a friend of mine passed away a week ago. But allow me to say this… He’s gone too young. I looked at our team’s calendar to see if he had vacations planned ahead. And it broke my heart into pieces seeing he had plotted a vacation leave on the 25th and 26th of November, knowing 27th is a holiday.

We were shocked. And again, we all had realizations about life. Because that’s what our usual initial reaction when things like that happen right?

Can I even call this 19th day of happiness when I had these rollercoaster of emotions today?

May our God help me deal with all that’s happening in my life right now.


6 thoughts on “90 Days of Happiness Day 19 – Rollercoaster of emotions

  1. Death is a hard one. Even though I’ve remembered past lives since early childhood, so know that dying isn’t the end, it still hurts physically and emotionally to know someone died. There is always something in a day to bring you happiness though, even if it is the decorating you get to do, the smell of autumn, leaves falling on the sidewalk, a smile…..

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