Cold Stone

She’s as cold as ice. She’s as hard as stone. 

She cares but not too much. She loves but not too deep. You may think she doesn’t but believe her when she tells you she loves you. She may not love you in the way you want her to but she loves you in every way she can… Or maybe not. Maybe she loves you in the way she allows herself to. Protected. Guarded. Because everyone will eventually leave. That’s what she believes. 

But then she met him. 

The warmth of his breath as he whispers to her ears how much he loves her slowly melts the ice that’s covering her heart. His touch softens her hard-as-stone heart. He holds the key that perfectly matches the locks on the walls she has perfectly built around her. Slowly he opens her heart to true love. Love without fear. The kind of love that leaves her with no hesitation.

She’s happy, genuinely happy. She wears a smile that surely lightens up the day of whoever sees her. 

Everything is perfect. And real. But she believes that all the big smiles are coupled with sadness. Just when she thinks everything’s perfect, life gets in the way. 

And now… 

She is colder than an ice. She is harder than a stone…

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