Someday is now

“Some other time.” “See you soon.” “Maybe next time?” “I’m busy with [insert whatever here]”. That’s just some of the excuses we hear from or give to our friends who we ask or ask us to meet.

Guilty as charged.

Why do we do that? Because that’s what we believe right? That there’s always next time… That we’ll always have tomorrow… And that “someday” we’re all waiting for will always come. But that’s not true. We all know it’s not. Lives are lost every second of every day. It could be any of us. It could be our friends, relatives, enemies, or… It could be you…

Today, unfortunately, the master of death decided to take away a close friend of mine. It was sudden. An accident… I hate news like that. I hate it when I have to think of all the times I could have gone out with her but I didn’t. I hate it when I look at our photos and couldn’t hear the laughter we shared in those moments. I hate that I couldn’t hug her again like I did in those photos. I hate that those pair of smiling eyes staring right at me would now just forever remain in those photos. I hate that now she becomes just a memory. A memory that other people will soon forget. A memory that our future kids will not even know of.

Gone too soon. That’s what we always think of whenever someone we know dies. But is too soon not enough when you’ve been living your life to the fullest? Because that’s what we’re supposed to do right? To live like there’s no tomorrow. To live knowing we’re all going to die. I bet we’re all gonna live our lives differently. No more excuses. No more someday’s. No more next-time’s.

Today is all we got. Because “someday” is now.


2 thoughts on “Someday is now

  1. Sorry for your loss. I had a someone close to me die every six years of my life, since birth. I grew up so ill that I was close to death often. So I learned early on that you can’t count on another day.


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