90 Days of Happiness Day 5 – Rekindled Friendship

Two years earlier…

I had a girl roommate who happened to be also working in the same company as mine. We were total opposites. I was this loud girl who happened to voice out whatever she thought of, laughed at silly jokes, make same silly jokes. And the roommate on the other hand… Well, the opposite of how I described myself. We were both friendly at our own different ways. We had the same set of friends. We usually went out for bottles of beer or cups of coffee every time we could. But after months of living in the same apartment, she decided she wanted to live with her aunt instead. I was okay with it. I thought it was for her own good, too. We still became close even after she moved out.

But… Like what they say… The truth always comes out.

So I heard from someone closer to her that the real reason she moved out was because she thought I was a bad influence to her… That I pushed her into drinking and flirting with guys… Here’s the thing… She had been drinking alcohol already even before we met. And… I never told her to flirt with anyone. I didn’t know that dating guys was already considered flirting. I wasn’t in a relationship with anyone back then so I thought it was perfectly fine to go out on dates with whomever I want. I confronted her regarding this. And all she did was cry. <The thing I hate the most. Like hello, you wouldn’t get my sympathy just by crying.>

I found out that she told all our friends about it. They never believed her anyway. And what she did just turned some of our friends against her.

Anyway… I don’t want to elaborate more on that matter. It will feel like I’m just defending myself.

After two years… I decided to just bury whatever issues we had. Just forgive and forget. So I sent her a message on Facebook. We casually talked. Then a series of sorry’s and thank-you’s. Then we’re scheduled to meet on 23rd of October.

It feels good to finally be able to reconcile with an old friend. Let’s just hope and pray that things won’t be awkward once we finally meet again. 🙂


4 thoughts on “90 Days of Happiness Day 5 – Rekindled Friendship

    • I’m hoping for that, too. Some of our friends have already forgiven her for what she did to me. And it’s been two years now. I thought maybe it’s time I forgive her, too. I’m open to giving people(who I think are deserving) second chance. 🙂

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      • I learned from a spiritual teacher that yes, forgiveness is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to “go to lunch with them”. You can forgive others but if their behavior hasn’t changed you don’t have to allow that again.

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