My Spotify Playlist

From Spotify to Apple Music and now back to Spotify…

Three months ago, at the exact same day we broke up, Apple introduced it’s brand-new Apple Music. They offered three-month free membership. Of course I grabbed it. So for three months, I’d been using Apple Music. 

Today. My free membership expired and I have to pay for the membership fee to continue to enjoy its features. But I decided to just go back to using Spotify since it’s membership is easier to pay. The songs stored in my account in Spotify were the songs I used to listen to when we were still together. Listening to these songs now only reminds me of how happy I was with you and slaps me with the reality that those are now just memories. Thinking about those days makes it seem like everything happened a long time ago. 

Soon I’d have to update my playlist. As well as remove all your pictures on my phone. Then delete our conversations. Soon this will all be over… 

So, Spotify and my broken heart huh? 


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