I love you. Thank you. And goodbye.

So this is how it feels to be cheated on by the person you love(d) the most.
I was so willing to sacrifice anything just to be with you.
But you ignored all my efforts. I was hurt. I’ve been asking myself where I went wrong.
Or what I did to make you look for someone new.  What did you see in her that you didn’t see in me?
What did she have that I didn’t?

It hurts. It fucking hurts. It is self devastating.
I smile but deep inside I’m struggling with pain. My heart is literally in pain. I can’t eat. I can’t breathe. But you know what? I’m still thankful. I love(d) you in a way I never thought I’d be capable of. At least now I know I was capable of loving a person that much. Too bad I gave it to the wrong person.
But thank you… Because you’re a living proof that the world can’t be trusted.
Thank you… Because I’ve learned to guard my heart well.
Thank you… Because I’m building walls around me now.
Thank you… Because now there’s a greater chance for the right person to find me. And I know he’ll be worthy of my love because it will take great effort for him to make me trust again… To learn how to love again.
Thank you… Because now I get the chance to appreciate myself and the people around me more. 
Thank you… Because I know I’ll get through this. And when that finally happens, I’ll be stronger, wiser.
Thank you… Because now I look forward to the day that I’ll feel better.
I may be lost now but I know I’m on my way to creating a better version of myself.
Thank you… Because now I feel alive again, but in a different way. I feel alive by looking at nature. I feel alive brought by excitement because I’ll finally be able to travel and appreciate life’s beauty. It won’t matter anymore whether I do things I love alone or with the people who truly love me.
You may have had my heart broken, but you gave me another chance to make my life better…
So. I thank you. For breaking my heart. For giving up on me. For letting me go. I love you. Thank you. And good bye. For now.

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