Loving from a distance…

I love you…
Simply saying those words is not enough to show how much I do.
I know this is hard. We had known from the beginning that this won’t be easy.
But we still chose this. We wanted this.
There are times when it really gets hard, we just wanna give up.
But no. We are stronger than those weak moments.
Our love for each other is great enough to surpass those times when we struggle.
We both feel the pain of wanting to be with each other but knowing that we can’t because of this physical distance separating us.
But please remember that this is just God testing us and our love.
Let’s be strong together. Fight for each other.
Let’s be each other’s strength. I won’t give up on you, on us.
Hope you won’t, too.
I love you this much. I really do. Now, wouldn’t this be enough to make you feel it?

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