I wish…

It’s been a year since that last hug.. That last kiss. I had always known I never liked you back then. ‘Cause if I did, I would have hugged you tighter, kissed you longer. I might even want to spend that day with you. Maybe I wouldn’t have been that surprised when you kissed me goodbye, maybe I could have kissed you back and we would have stayed longer in that taxi. I wouldn’t mind paying double the fare if it would mean spending more time with you. But I didn’t…
And I’m sorry… For those times that you asked me to wait for you so we could eat lunch together, for those nights when you asked me to stay longer in the office so we could go home together… I am sorry. For all those times when you asked me to wait for you but I didn’t. If only I could turn back time, I’d patiently wait for you. I’d kiss you right in that moment when I first thought of kissing you. God. If only I could, I’d do it. Even if it meant enduring another year of being away from you, of repeating the events for the past year that you were gone. I wouldn’t mind as long as I get to have those beautiful moments with you.
I wish I already loved you back then. I wish you already caught my attention the time you were still here. I wish…
But I only have now. And here I am, patiently waiting for you to come back home. Here. Beside me. Where you belong.


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