What measures love?

It’s Valentine season once again. I wasn’t expecting to get anything from him since he’s xxx miles away that’s why I was really surprised when he sent me flowers and chocolates. I was happy. I am happy. I posted the note from the flower shop that was sent with the package. It was a sorry note for the late delivery. My friend then asked me why I didn’t post the flowers and chocolates. Others said I’m not proud of him. There were those who have been asking me what’s the real status of our relationship.

To those asking, wondering, or telling me I’m not proud to have him as my boyfriend just because I don’t brag about it:
I am happy. I am thankful. For me, love isn’t measured by how many posts on social media sites, how many likes on your profile pictures, nor by how many people who know about the relationship. As long as he knows I am happy, and he is, too, that’s fine with me. I don’t need to tell the whole world how much in love we are with each other thru posting on social media sites. Why? Because what matters is what happens offline. In the real world. Where the real people can see the connection… Feel the love.

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