Hang In There

Sad won’t be enough to describe what I’m feeling right now. Indescribable feeling. Unexplainable sadness.

I never thought missing someone would be this hard. There are moments when I just wanna hug you for real. Sometimes I get tired of those virtual hugs and kisses and talking through Viber, Wechat and whatever online messenger there is. It’s like I’m having a relationship with my iPhone. Being away physically is hard enough but the time difference just makes the situation XXXX thousand times worse.
But no matter how difficult things may seem, I hope you won’t give up on me, on us. Don’t get tired of missing me. Be more patient and understanding at times when I’m being clingy and sensitive. Because those are the times when I’m missing you the most.
But if one morning you wake up feeling a little differently, or your love for me isn’t there anymore, just tell me. Let me feel the pain by hearing the truth than be hurt by your cold treatment. I’ll let you go. I’ll be sorry for not being able to satisfy your needs. If ever you find someone who can do things for you that I can’t, and if ever you fall for her, it will hurt me so much but. I’ll let you go…

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